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water bag hire

Water filled load test bags are the safe, economic and efficient option for the testing of cranes, beams, davits, hoists and walkways.

Our world renowned JW Automarine manufactured yellow water weight load test bags bags are the industry standard globally.

With a proven 6:1 safety factor in accordance with LEEA 051 Guidance, our bags are supplied ready to use with heavy duty webbing, all shackles, links, rubber snubbers, 2.5” filling hose and a 4” emptying trunk with pulley assembly.

Water weight load test bags are “Work Equipment”, so covered by PUWER (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations). They are also subject to LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998) as the action of testing is a lifting operation. 

All JWA Rentals bags are serviced and maintained by our manufacturer trained technicians,. Every bag is supplied tested, certified and ready to go every time.

 We conduct a thorough examination of every bag after each Rental, exceeding the minimum recommended guideline’s.

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JWA can supply accurate and reliable tensile load links from 1 tonne to 500 tonne. These are wireless units with a hand held display, supplied with calibration certificate and a user guide. Shackles and flow meter also available.


water bag hire